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June 2020 : MERGE COMPLETE! Vanguard Esports and the old Bastards Esports became ONE!

“Nicebow and Kenaii are joining forces!
Vanguard Esports and Bastards Esports have decided to continue as Bastards Esports together.
After many conversations, what started a year and a half ago as a joke between Kenaii and Nicebow, the collaboration becomes a fact. It soon became clear that the 2 organizations can complement each other and that we can be the right partners because of the mutual trust that exists within the management. It was decided by mutual agreement to keep the name Bastards Esports, the only difference will be that Nicebow and Kenaii will now be the owners of Bastards Esports vzw. By this fusion, 2 medium Esports Organization will become one large Esports Organization in the hope of growing even larger. We want to focus on the Benelux Esports Scene in various games such as CS: GO, League of Legends, Fifa , …
Furthermore, Nicebow would like to thank everyone who helped Vanguard Esports grow and hopes that everyone who has Vanguard in their heart will continue to follow and support him at Bastards Esports. “