Bastards Esports, founded in 2016 by Kenney "Kenaii" Van Ransbeeck, and merged in June 2020 with Vanguard Esports and Philip "Nicebow" Van hoe who became Co-Owner, is a growing gaming organization in Belgium that provides BeNeLux players and teams an engaging and professional environment to play and develop their skills.

As strong believers in the fact that esports is becoming the #1 hobby in the world, we mainly want to focus on creating and supporting professional players and teams. Other than that, we also thrive to grow our community players. Today, we have over 120 members playing for Bastards Esports.

As an organization we mainly focused on CS:GO but, with the merge in June 2020, We now focus on LAN parties and qualifiers for both League of Legends and CS:GO such as ESL, BPL, Kayzr league and others.

We are working on programs to develop our Fifa, Hearthstone, Rainbow 6 Siege and Valorant talents within our organization. In such a way that they should be able to participate in competitive leagues in the near future.

Today Bastards Esports operates completely on volunteers.

The board consists of 3 people:
● Founder and CFO Kenney Van Ransbeeck (aka Kenaii),
● Co-Owner and CEO Philip Van hoe (aka Nicebow)
● COO Kenny Vermunicht (aka Kyo).

  • Kenney  Van Ransbeeck Founder and CFO Kenney Van Ransbeeck
  • Philip Van hoe Co-Owner and CEO Philip Van hoe
  • Kenny Vermunicht COO Kenny Vermunicht
  • Robin Verbelen Public Relations Robin Verbelen
  • Yannick van Runckelen Public Relations Yannick van Runckelen
  • Wayne Verlee Public Relations Wayne Verlee
  • Sterre Pelgrim Social Media Sterre Pelgrim